Women’s Fashion Trends for 2024

What’s the hot trend for fashion in 2024? In particular, what’s in and what’s out for women’s fashion? Spring & Summer 2024 in the fashion show world is all about brand names and new lines that you need to see to understand and believe.

The current fashion news cycle in terms of women’s fashion trends is all about Phoebe Philo and her newest Phoebe Philo fashion line. The designs were supposed to debut back in September 2023. The spontaneous digital drop helped set the tone of today’s fashion by the industry’s biggest trendsetter.

Voicing Out Women’s Angst through Muted Fashion

The second wave of feminism bemoans the disparity of female executives and male executives in an industry designed to cater to women. This demoralizing reality comes with a problematic political backdrop and a sobering economic slump.

Thusly, the fashion trends of 2024 in spring and summer mostly involves muted palettes and modernist black & white dresses that lot out the color-box bright hues that typically come with the seasonal changes. It represents the continuing angst of women liberation seeking true equality and equity.

Retina-Searing Red and Discreet Chic All Around

The redness of the shirts, blouses, pants, dresses, apparel, and accessories of current women’s fashion stand out even more than before with these muted tones that express a fire of hope amidst disillusionment amongst many women today.

What’s currently out in summer are obviously statement gowns. What’s currently in is discreet chic fashion that include wardrobe staples like good jeans, trouser suits, pencil skirts, and trench coats. Furthermore, minimalism is also in as consideration for the thinning budgets of the modern 2020s women.

This redness in muted summer colors represents post-pandemic trends like body positivity and an increased nuance when accepting the LGBTQ+ community. You can see this redness populate many a runway currently as a statement of the absolute state of 2024 feminism.

Is There a Woman Designer Problem in Fashion?

Aside from Phoebe Philo, the Stella McCartney fashion line is also eponymously run by Stella McCartney, which is a far cry from other fashion conglomerates that are mostly run by male executives.

Only Pucci and Dior have female creative directors amongst the largest luxury conglomerate of LVMH. Meanwhile, the second biggest fashion company is Kering, where not one brand is controlled by a female executive or even a POC.

It’s like industry-wide mansplaining over the female voices that should dominate women’s fashion. This should change as more people become aware of the disparity and make moves to change things for the better for the sake of diversity, inclusiveness, and equity.