Surprising Summer Trend for Women: Micro Shorts

Sure, this trend won’t drive shockwaves into youth fashion like the miniskirt did in its heyday. However, it comes to the pleasant surprise of many a happy man that cute micro shorts have become the latest womenswear fashion choice of the summer in 2024.

During the pandemic, people weren’t so concerned about the pants they wore because everyone was doing Zoom meetings where only the top half of your wardrobe needed to be presentable. Then when people could go out, they did a 180 and sported all sorts of long pants.

Why are Micro Shorts Popping off?

Micro shorts are popping off because celebrities have approved of it, simply put. It’s a new trend rooting from celebrities putting on those micro shorts. You can almost consider it a post-post-lockdown fashion trend to reject the dressed-to-the-nines vibes of post-lockdown fashion.

  • Post-Lockdown Fashion: After the COVID-19 era finally faded away into a distant memory that turned 3 years into what feels like a decade, the fashion that emerged were sky-high party shoes to compensate for those flip-flops and bunny slippers. Then we got UGGs, mules, and kitten heels as well as micro shorts.
  • New Fashion is Rebellion Against Old Fashion: Punk fashion was borne out of 1970s mod fashion, where everything was commercialized fashion and punk rock is about rebelling against this establishment. Mini-skirts came about to rebel against the frumpy long skirts of your parents. In turn, micro shorts is a rebellion against pants.
  • It’s Happening All Over Again: The fashion rebellion that led to micro-shorts roots from shorts inspired by Princess Diana cycling shorts (R.I.P. England’s Rose), leading to Emily Ratajkowski sporting Di-inspired minis. Or you also have Kendall Jenner rocking micro SKIMS shorts along with pants.
  • Summer Bottoms for 2024: The easy-breezy fashion of 2024 is all about minimalist streetwear, flowing threads that breathe, muted colors, striking red or black & white accents, or ostentatious Barbiecore fashion and “Kenough” micro shorts as an alternative.
  • Goodbye Jorts, Hello Micro-Shorts: Jorts or jogging shorts came about during the fitness craze of celebrities like Maya Jama, Gigi Hadid, and Hailey Bieber to compensate for the lack of travel and movement during the height of the COVID pandemic and lockdown protocols for all.

For Good Measure

The Y2K bug mania that had people thinking it was the end of the world once the clock strikes 12:00 midnight in 1999 preceded the quiet luxury fashion. They wore tiny sunglasses but then ended up getting bug-eye maxis.

Meanwhile, gothic fashion ended up becoming Barbiecore in 2023 and 2024 due to the surprising popularity of the satirical pro-feminist and anti-patriarchy Barbie movie. Micro shorts are just the fruit of another rebellion against the formal dresses and long slacks of previous trends.